2020 Community Impact Award Voting

Please select one winner, and one runner up. The runner up will not win a prize, but choices will be utilized in the case of a tie or in case the winner is unable to accept the award.

Applicant Summaries:

  • Beautifully Fed Food: Beautifully Fed Food is a women of color led corporation celebrating diaspora cuisines, nourishing our communities one delicious bite at a time.
  • CathWear: CathWear is a medical undergarment that helps leg bag patients best manage their leg bags and corresponding tubing.
  • Healthy FRIENDZ Nutrition LLC: Nutrition Education Workshops/Presentations
  • Heart Input Output Inc.: Our product, ECGio, removes subjectivity from the evaluation of chest pain patients in the emergency department.
  • HEP, LLC (Pop-doc): Web-based, customized, simple, safe, and effective joint-health activities and controlled exercises that help people attain, regain, maintain and preserve healthy musculoskeletal function and feel less pain.
  • Ibere,LLC: Providing psychiatric evaluation and medication management
  • MyCollegeTimeline: MyCollegeTimeline is a free, online college planning platform for underrepresented Hispanic and Latino high school students. It’s an easy to use platform that’s student driven that walks students step by step throught the college planning process.
  • Project Get Back on Your Feet: A mobile functional fitness center that provides free access to exercise equipment, nutritional coaching, and training to low-income communities across Long Island.
  • Sonavi Labs: Sonavi Labs created Feelix, an Ai-enabled platform that includes digital screening devices, supportive software and an integrated cloud system to aid in the detection and management of diseases.
  • SoulJoy Wellness: SoulJoy Wellness is a lifestyle media brand that creates an empowering community for the Black Faith Community with live and on demand wellness classes.
  • Totally Pregnant: Resilient Mom: Amplifying Earlier Care and Community Connection in a Unique Maternal Health Digital Platform
  • Violet: We help the queer community find and book queer-competent mental healthcare.
  • WinutRx: WinutRx is a medication interaction tool that familiarizes individuals with their prescribed medications.