Ownership: Minority, woman

Self reported impact: Has made a demonstrable impact on suburban health.

One sentence summary:

Nutrition Education Workshops/Presentations

Description of impact:

Healthy FRIENDZ Nutrition LLC (HFZ) has made an impact, in the two years we’ve been in business, and is expected to make an even larger impact on suburban health in the upcoming years.

HFZ was contracted with the Brentwood UFSD for two years. Spring 2019, we worked with an after school class teaching nutrition education & healthy food basics for mental health. It was an interactive experience learning safety, leadership and communication skills, while learning the value of healthy eating and fueling the body. The impact we made on the students was demonstrated when a student came to hug me at the last session, and said “Thank you Miss, for feeding me a full meal”. HFZ was also contracted for the 2019-2020 school year, increasing services to two schools. The Westbury UFSD also contracted our services, for two years to service their health fair. Fruit parfaits, made with Greek yogurt instead of ice cream was served & one young child came back asking for more ice cream, which definitely shows he couldn’t tell the difference, but this, was nutrient rich that tastes good and nourishes his body.

HFZ has worked with the youth run farmers markets in New Cassel, Hempstead, and Roosevelt providing cooking demonstrations and tastings that engaged the community who kept coming back for more cooking tips, tastings and to chat. All of these communities are underserved where there is a need for access to healthy foods. HFZ continues to serve these areas with grants and partnerships.