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One sentence summary:

Web-based, customized, simple, safe, and effective joint-health activities and controlled exercises that help people attain, regain, maintain and preserve healthy musculoskeletal function and feel less pain.

Description of impact:

The annual costs of musculoskeletal care in the USA is about $874 Billion. About 127 million people suffer from musculoskeletal conditions. The obesity and opioid epidemics represent relevant and serious problems in this country. Appropriate ‘exercise’ has been shown to alleviate pain, burn calories, elevate mood, increase productivity, diminish falls, and lengthen life. By educating people about their musculoskeletal system, and inspiring, empowering and motivating at-risk (or all) people to perform appropriate ‘exercise’, we can make a positive impact on suburban health. The integrity-based Pop-doc.com joint-health activity platform tracks and monitors the usage of customized, appropriate ‘exercise’ and helps attain, regain, maintain and preserve healthy joint function and feel less pain. The platform meets people where they are and elevates the qualities (motion, tone, flexibility, strength, condition and endurance) of their joint function. Since it is web-based, it reaches all communities that have internet access. Together, we make a bigger impact and positively influence those people, communities, and geographic areas that need it most.