Ownership: Woman

Self reported impact: Potential a year or so down the line.

One sentence summary:

MyCollegeTimeline is a free, online college planning platform for underrepresented Hispanic and Latino high school students. It’s an easy to use platform that’s student driven that walks students step by step throught the college planning process.

Description of impact:

Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower students with hope, knowledge, and guidance along the path to college so that everyone, regardless of social or economic status can define their own future. All of which greatly impacts their health and well being.
Without a college degree, many underrepresented high school graduates will be forced into low to middle-wage jobs, with profound effects on their social and economic mobility which in turn affects their physical and mental well-being.
Low education, low income areas see:
Shortages of primary care physicians and facilities, poor housing options, substance abuse, incarceration, low quality schools, fewer jobs, resulting in a cycle of education and health inequality.
Higher education brings high wages provides health insurance, access to medical care, and the resources for a healthier lifestyle so higher education is key to breaking the health inequity.
MyCollegeTimeline is an online college planning platform with a toolbox of features that supports grades 9 through 12. MyCollegeTimeline is a free service for high school students paid for by corporate sponsors and universities.
To be successful and drive student growth strategic partnerships will be key.
We will create strategic partnerships with Non-Governmental agencies that serve this underrepresented demographic, Community Based Organizations that serve the Latino population, churches, school districts and library systems, to bring my college timeline to student