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One sentence summary:

Resilient Mom: Amplifying Earlier Care and Community Connection in a Unique Maternal Health Digital Platform

Description of impact:

Resilient Mom is a unique digital platform driving maternal health improvements in underserved populations. We uniquely connect to women NOT under care. We drive earlier care, earlier high-risk detection, and better access to social determinant support.

Other digital maternal health tools require women to be current patients engaged with a physician. Unfortunately, many underserved women are not engaged with a physician and do not get early care and support.

Research suggests that 60% of women with poor birth outcomes did not have their high-risk condition detected early. This has devastating quality of life impacts while costing $8 billion per year.

Our evidence-based approach leverages the proven strengths of our existing proven platform purchased by 13 hospitals, including NYU Langone. With hospital customers we customize a white-label version with their brand. Using that custom version, we do outreach to add 100s of new patient prospects each month. With Resilient Mom that same outreach superpower is partnered and branded with a trusted local community group, delivering the same outreach, connection, and 100s of new monthly connections. We have identified several local community groups as our first partners, subject to funding of this project.

Resilient Mom can be rolled out 8 weeks after funding, with the first evaluation study done 12 weeks later. Success measures:

  • women receiving 1st-trimester care and
  • women getting care within 30 days after their delivery.