Ownership: Minority

Self reported impact: Has made a demonstrable impact on suburban health.

One sentence summary:

We help the queer community find and book queer-competent mental healthcare.

Description of impact:

We launched Violet in February 2020 to validate our thesis that queer people want help finding queer-competent care. Since inception, we’ve helped ~30 LGBTQ+ clients access more than $20,000 in mental healthcare. A subset of our clients reside in long island and utilize Violet to access queer-competent providers in New York City. We’re very proud of being able to help our community invest in ourselves.

Our plan for the rest of 2020 is to fundraise and scale our MVP. We’re working to launch an overhauled product in 2021 that will support a much larger audience throughout NYC, which houses the largest concentration of LGBTQ+ people in the US. We’re also scoping partnerships with large insurers, like my prior employer — Oscar, to make queer-competent care more accessible.