Ownership: Woman

Self reported impact: Potential to do so in the next 12 months.

One sentence summary:

WinutRx is a medication interaction tool that familiarizes individuals with their prescribed medications.

Description of impact:

WinutRx delivers the convenience of personalized medication restrictions. The convenience factor that we deliver initiates behavioral changes leading to more positive mediation adherent outcomes and prevented adverse drug events. We translate information to alleviate any language barriers or literacy levels, not only by replicating information in 21 different languages but we also provide videos unlike our competitors we personalize consumer-centric information so distinctly that no one’s application will look like someone else’s. No matter if you shop at the local market, corner store, or chain grocer our grocery scanning photo technologies will give you the knowledge to know the exact amount of a food you can consume without it interacting with your medication which would decline your health status further. Socioeconomic status is not a barrier for us. We also understand that different communities having varying resources and we can meet the information gap of those individuals that are not given a plethora of information. We are expected into getting into Spanish speaking diabetic populations before 2021. We also have learned that another great population in need are new mothers where English is not their first language, a market in which we will also get into before 2021.